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1. Joe Burrow to Win Heisman Trophy
$4,500 (4.07/1 Odds)

2. Houston Astros to Win World Series
$500 (1.75/1 Odds)

3. Lamar Jackson to Win NFL MVP
$264 (8.90/1 Odds)

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Real Life Stories

FAIL! – Last year, Gary a Vegas Golden Knights bettor declined $18,000 for his 300/1 ticket on Vegas to Win the Stanley Cup, that he only spent $200 on. Golden Knights went on to lose 4-1 to the Washington Capitals. Whoops!

WIN! – Brad from Philadelphia sold his New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Futures ticket for $57,500 (collect of $168,000) days before the NFC Championship game vs. the Rams. Brad used the money to take his wife on a trip to Paris. True story.

FAIL! – Eddie the Alabama fan decided not to use PropSwap before the Heisman Trophy ceremony when he had a chance to sell his Tua Tagovailoa ticket for $20,000. Instead he turned down the guaranteed cash, and betting slip turned into a drink coaster. Whoops!

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BIG Tickets Sold

1. St. Louis Blues to Win Stanley Cup
$5,555 to Collect $15,050

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo to Win NBA MVP
$9,000 to Collect $16,200

3. New Orleans Saints to Win 2019 NFL Championship
$57,500 to Collect $168,000