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1. Boston Red Sox to Win World Series
$5,199 (7.9/1 Odds)

2. New England Patriots to Win Super Bowl
$1,334 (5/1 Odds)

3. Minnesota Vikings to Win Super Bowl
$839 (6.1/1 Odds)

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Real Life Stories

FAIL! – Last year, Scott a South Carolina bettor declined $10,000 for his 225/1 ticket on SC to Win the NCAA Men’s Championship. That evening they lost to Gonzaga and his ticket was worthless. Whoops!

WIN! – Steve from San Francisco sold his GSW Futures for $8,000 (collect of $10,500) when they were up 3-1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Greg then flew to the Bahamas that day and let the rest of us watch Curry & Co. collapse. True story.

FAIL! – Freddy the Falcons fan decided not to use PropSwap before the Super Bowl when Buyers would’ve paid him $75,000 for his $10,000 worth of ATL Futures. He had the PropSwap check in his hand, but tore it up. Whoops!

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BIG Tickets Sold

1. Alabama to Win CFB Championship
$6,550 to Collect $17,000

2. Georgia to Win CFB Championship
$5,700 to Collect $7,800

3. Houston Astros to Win World Series
$13,800 to Collect $31,000