Clay Travis, Cousin Sal Buy Saints Super Bowl Future for Record $57K on PropSwap (via Action Network)

Clay Travis, Cousin Sal Buy Saints Super Bowl Future for Record $57K on PropSwap


  • Clay Travis and Cousin Sal bought a Saints Super Bowl future ticket from PropSwap for $57,500. If New Orleans wins, it’d pay $168,000 in total.
  • It marks the biggest purchase price in PropSwap’s history.
  • The original bettor wagered $8,000 on the Saints, so he/she made a hefty profit, even after PropSwap’s commission.

A pair of sports betting TV personalities bought a futures ticket on Friday night on PropSwap for $57,500.

Clay Travis and “Cousin Sal,” who both appear on FS1’s “Lock It In,” were the buyers.

The ticket, placed at the South Point in Las Vegas last February, is for an $8,000 bet at 20-1, returning $168,000 total ($160K in profit) if the Saints win the Super Bowl.

Travis told The Action Network that the futures bet was a major subject on the show this week. There was so much interest that Travis and “Cousin Sal” just decided to buy it, splitting the cost down the middle.

“There is obviously value here,” Travis said, who has liked the Saints since late October. “It’s not insane value, but it was worth doing.”

Cousin Sal, true to character, took a more comical tone in his comments to The Action Network:

“I’m not sure why I did this let alone with Clay Travis, who has sort of become my nemesis. This is like the Joker and Batman going in on a bet as to who would become next Commissioner of Gotham City.”

“The good news is win or lose I’m screwed in terms of my wife and Valentine’s Day. Win and it has to be a big gift. Lose and I take a loan out and it still has to be a big gift.”

Luke Pergande, the PropSwap’s co-founder said: “The buyers got the best odds in the world (+192) on the Saints by using PropSwap. New Orleans is +175 to win the Super Bowl, everywhere you look.”

Travis said he has had more potential money on the line for parlays, but this is his largest single bet he has ever made.