The SELL section of our website allows you to upload your ticket’s information into our system. You can put a high price on it now, then lower it later! Or, whenever you’re ready (at a later hour or day), at the click of a button, you can move your ticket to Active and instantly list it for Sale. This can be done in the “My Tickets” section.

When your ticket sells, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know it has been sold. Depending on where your ticket was originated, your email confirmation will have a corresponding address for where to send it.

Our Nevada office is located at:

7582 Las Vegas Blvd S

Suite 347

Las Vegas, NV 89123

When you mail your ticket in, on a separate sheet of paper enclosed in the envelope, please include your first/last name and the email address you used to register with PropSwap. No other information is necessary as we have a photo of the ticket already on-file.

You will be notified by PropSwap that your ticket has been sold. Those proceeds (net our 10% commission) will be deposited into your PropSwap Balance.

Once we receive your ticket, you can request a withdrawal via check or PayPal.

Yes, it’s legal. Do you think PropSwap would go through all this trouble, without doing our homework!?! Once your bet is made at a legally operating sportsbook, it’s your property, and you may do as you please with it, including sell it!

But on a more solemn note, we take gaming regulation very seriously here at PropSwap. All inquiries made by gaming regulators will be addressed with full attention.

As soon as you bring in a ticket to be listed, a PropSwap employee takes a photo of each: 1) the actual sports betting ticket, and 2) the completed Seller Form. He (or she) then uploads those 2 digital documents into our Cloud-managed database, safely secured. If for any reason, the physical hard copy is misplaced from PropSwap, we will be providing the Owner with each a copy of the Seller Form, and photo of the ticket, so they may work with the issuing Sportsbook, to come to a resolution. We of course will IMMEDIATELY contact the issuing Sportsbook, so that they freeze the betting ticket, and the misplaced ticket will become unredeemable.

PropSwap is validating the tickets by working directly with the sportsbooks around the Las Vegas area, to confirm validity. No ticket will EVER be listed on our Marketplace, without passing through this process.

Click on My Tickets, in the top right-hand corner. There, you can Manage all of the Tickets that you own.

As of now, no. It’s up to you to change the Selling Price of your ticket. However, that may be a feature we add very soon, so stay tuned!

You receive 1 free withdrawal per calendar month. Thereafter, a $10 processing fee will be assessed.

These tickets all originated at legal sportsbooks throughout the country. As noted on the “Buy” section of our website, some tickets have been dropped off for Sale, and others the Seller still possesses. To ensure the Seller follows through with delivering the ticket, we place a Hold on his/her credit card. Should they not deliver the ticket on-time, we have the full authority to charge the Seller a penalty fee.

– We digitize your ticket, so you don’t have to carry around a paper slip. It’s now stored in your PropSwap app.

– We tell you what your bet is worth!

Yes of course. Get the process started TODAY by clicking on “SELL” on the top of our homepage.

We do arrange for in-person meetings as some ticket prices can exceed your available electronic funds. Please email info@propswap.com if you see a ticket you’d like to purchase in-person.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has requested that we do not cash winning tickets for our customers. Although they do not regulate us, we value their input and do our best to follow their guidelines.

We have approved 12 states where our Buyers can be located. They are: Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky & West Virginia.

Please note you will be delivered the hard ticket to the address you’ve provided. It is your responsibility to redeem the ticket, either in-person at the issuing sportsbook, or by mailing the ticket in. Mail-in directions can be found on the back of the ticket.

PropSwap’s commission fee is 10% of the Sale Price. Say a Seller would like to receive $90 for his ticket. We will be listing the ticket for $100 on the Marketplace, as seen by the Buyers. Buyer pays $100, PropSwap takes $10, the Seller gets $90.

Another example, say the Seller wants to LIST the ticket for $500, realizing he/she will only receive 90% of the Sale Price. In this instance, the ticket is listed for $500, with the Seller receiving $450 ($50 fee to PropSwap).

Yes. If a customer is listing a ticket without PropSwap possessing it beforehand, we will be putting a Hold on the Seller’s credit card, until the ticket has been delivered, and verified. Once the ticket has been verified for authenticity, the Hold will be removed.

1st reason – Everyone knows, hedging involves spending more money on a new bet! We want you to keep your money in your pocket. Let’s do a simple example: You bet on Michigan State before March Madness starts, at 20:1. You wager $100 to collect $2,100 (Win + Bet Amount). The Championship game comes and MSU is set to square off vs. Kentucky! You’re excited because you’ve guaranteed yourself some money (if you’re smart). With hedging, you’d need to bet $1,100 on Kentucky Moneyline (if UK is -110) , to guarantee yourself at least $900 in profit (remember you spent $100 on MSU), should UK be victorious.

With PropSwap, just sell your MSU bet for anything above $1,111.11 , and you’ll achieve the same profit, without spending any more money!!

2nd reason – It’s not easy, if near impossible!! If you own the Cowboys at 10/1 to win the NFL Championship, and you want to hedge before the Wild Card Round, you’d need to bet their opponent in the Wild Card, and then the Divisional Round, and then the Conference round…… still with me?

Moral of the story: Sell your bet on PropSwap, do less math, and spend less money!

If you have the ticket’s status set to “Active” and have entered in a Sale Price, that ticket is Live and will be purchased by a willing buyer. If you are worried about selling your ticket, please enter your “minimum accept” price, or simply remove it from the marketplace.

PropSwap reserves the right to decline any ticket that is presented to us for Sale. We’ll do our best to accommodate you as the Seller, but try to keep your tickets presentable, and legible!

Other examples of bets we WON’T accept are:

1. Any “field” bet. Say you make a bet at South Point Casino, taking the “Field” to win the College Football Championship Game. The “Field” may differ from South Point vs. the Westgate, and we are not (yet) in the business of figuring out which casino offers which Field!

2. A crumbled up ticket that is illegible.

3. Counterfeit bets

No, it is your responsibility to adjust the Sale Price of your ticket using the website or app.

When your ticket sells, you will receive an email with instructions on where to mail your ticket.

In some cases, we do allow in-person drop-offs. If you would like to inquire about scheduling a drop-off, please email us at info@propswap.com.

We do not. For security purposes, this information is kept private. Every ticket listed on PropSwap is able to be cashed via Mail Pay, if you are unable to cash it in person at the sportsbook.

No, Buyers only receive tickets when they Win. When you purchase a ticket on PropSwap and the Event is still undecided, PropSwap will maintain possession of the ticket in case you decide you want to Sell it later on. Once the Event has been decided and the ticket is a winner, then it will be mailed to you.

All sales are final. The only time a refund is issued to a buyer, is if the seller fails to send the ticket to PropSwap within the mandatory 7 day timeframe. In these cases, the buyer is given a full 100% refund of the purchase price, regardless of the result of the event.