How It Works


Step 1: Register for a PropSwap.com account.


Step 2: Log into the PropSwap Partner Dashboard.


Step 3: Copy your Referral Code. It should look something like – http://pswap.co/#p=abcd. If you have a podcast, radio show or something else that’s audio only – let us know and we will work with you to create a custom PropSwap.com URL.


Step 4: Spread the word! Give that Code out to as many people as possible.


Step 5: Get Paid! Anytime one of your referrals Buys or Sells a ticket on PropSwap, you will receive 10% of our Revenue from the transaction for the first year they use the site. There is NO maximum on the amount you can earn per referral.


Track the sales made by your referrals in the Partner Dashboard. Once a transaction has been Approved, your Commission will be added to your PropSwap Balance.


If you live in one of our approved Buyer states, you can use the money you earn to make purchases on PropSwap. Or, you can withdraw your money via check or PayPal.

Tips For Success


– Engage your personal network via social media. As legalized sports betting continues to spread throughout the country, it is very likely you know people who are betting at these new sportsbooks.


– “Go For 2”: That’s the slogan we use to encourage customers to make two tickets, instead of one, at the sportsbook. This way, they can Sell 1, presumably guaranteeing themselves a profit, and Keep 1, which will still leave them some upside if the ticket were to win.


– Familiarize yourself with PropSwap and check what tickets are currently for sale. That way if you’re in a conversation with someone and they say they like a particular team, you can say “Hey, there’s a ticket for sale on that team on PropSwap.” We suggest downloading the PropSwap app to your phone (available for iPhone & Android).


– If you’ve used PropSwap before, share your experience with the product.


– Preach the financial sense it makes to sell your ticket and guarantee yourself a profit, or in some cases, limit your losses. Try to make the money REAL to them, “Yeah you only bet $20, but the $700 your ticket is worth right now would pay for a vacation.”


– Learn how to calculate the Market Value of a ticket. It’s very simple, all you need to know is the Collect Amount of the ticket, and the current Odds. The formula is:

Collect Amount / (current Odds + 1) = Market Value

For example, if you own a Yankees World Series ticket that Collects $1,200 and they are currently 5/1 in the sportsbook, that means the Market Value of your ticket is $200.

If you would like to use our logos or graphics, just send us an email! info@propswap.com