“I use Propswap because I have found very good value . I have purchased tickets ranging from 20 dollars to 600 dollars and in all cases it was bets and prices that weren’t available to me in a Las Vegas sportsbook .

There’s no reason I’ll stop using PropSwap if I keep finding value!

I would never recommend setting up a buying acct to others. I want to keep it all to myself !”

Brian G. Las Vegas, NV

“PropSwap has created a fantastic way to sell some of your future positions with no hassle- and of course no last minute drive to Vegas for a last ditch hedge. A great way to take out the anxiety of losing a smart futures bet towards the end of a season, and locking in a profit even before the final game is played. PropSwap’s staff is friendly, professional, and accommodating. Can’t wait to do business with them again!”

Daniel M. Brandeis, CA

“I truly think PropSwap is at the threshold of a great service for the betting public. Their concept fits into my betting schemes perfectly. I have made future bets over the years, with the sole intention of hedging if my future bet was still live deep into the season. Now, with their service, I have yet another avenue to use.

Selling my future bet outright with PropSwap could prove advantageous over hedging at times. Also, buying someone else’s proposition at intriguing odds during the year is a nice option.

I like as many betting options available as possible over the course of a season. My feeling has always been, the more options, the higher chance of finding a good percentage play. PropSwap’s service just provides me with more potential opportunities, which, for the serious handicapper is a must in my opinion.”

Jim D. Las Vegas, NV

“Everything about Prop Swap is great. These guys are genius with the idea that every ticket has “value” and the marketplace is much more fun shopping than going to the mall.”

Wade M. Las Vegas, NV