U.S. Supreme Court ruling expected to greatly impact one local sports gambling business (via NBC News 3 LV)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — When oddsmakers opened betting on the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, the expansion Vegas Golden Knights were available at 100/1 odds all the way to 500/1.

The first-year team is now a 9/5 favorite, but there is a website where you can legally buy a ticket at those opening odds.

Albeit at a hefty price, the return rate is still better than what one would get at sports books.

It’s called Prop Swap and was started in Las Vegas in 2015.

One of its founders, Ian Epstein, is now preparing to expand outside Nevada, following the U.S. Supreme court ruling that struck down a federal ban on sports gambling.

He spoke with News 3 sports anchor Amber Dixon about his plans.